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Online Teaching in K-12: Models, Methods, and Best Practices for Teachers and Administrators
by Sarah Bryans-Bongey and Kevin J. Graziano (editors)
INSIDER'S PERSPECTIVE: Has COVID-19 Changed Access to Scholarly Research?
by Kamran R. Kardan
Policy Commons: Discovering and Saving Rare and Endangered Policy Documents
by Toby Green
THE SYSTEMS LIBRARIAN - 10 Core Principles for Assessing Library Technologies
by Marshall Breeding
Yes, It抯 Legal to Email Patrons
by George H. Pike
Parler Games
by Amy Affelt
Lubuto Libraries in Zambia: 15 Years of Library Service to Children and Youth
by Jane Kinney Meyers
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Featured Book
Online Teaching in K-12
Models, Methods, and Best Practices for Teachers and Administrators
Edited by Sarah Bryans-Bongey and Kevin J. Graziano
foreword by Norman Vaughan

Online Teaching in K-12Online Teaching in K?2 is the essential hands-on reference and textbook for education professionals seeking success in the planning, design, and teaching of K?2 online courses and programs.

Organized in three parts—Foundations, Supporting Diverse Learners, and Implementation Strategies—Online Teaching in K?2 will be welcomed for its clear and timely coverage geared to supporting teachers, administrators, professional trainers, colleges, and schools in their quest for excellence in online primary education.

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